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The restaurant MIS module gives you the facility to view the sales and collection reports of all your outlets in various parts of the world on single click.

This data is accessed over the internet through secured channels. It also incorporates the facility to allow selected documents, reports to be printed or exported to pdf format directly.

You can also put intra outlet news on this site to keep management people informed about the events held at various outlets.

You can access all the necessary reports daily and regularly, without having to chase anyone.

InnTap MIS will give you that extra edge to analyse your business and hence make better decisions.

Features Include:

  • Various charts for sales
  • Sales summary – line chart, pie chart & bar chart
  • Sales and collection reports
  • User-definable MIS reports using OnLine Analysis and Processing (OLAP) tools
  • Restaurant news
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InnTap - Web MIS
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