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InnMat provides Inventory Management Analysis, Purchase, Receivables and Stock Accounting. It processes information relating to placing orders with vendors, receipt, inspection and issue of items through multiple stores for consumption or circulation. It also provides numeric and generic item coding for easy categorization of items.

InnMat provides better control over materials used by the organization in the course of business. Thus, it helps smooth functioning of an organization's complex inventory. This leads to better inventory management analysis, in turn can lead to a less inventory carrying costs and more profitability.

Some Salient Features :

  • Items can have different units of measurement for purchasing, receiving, stocking and issuing with conversion rates.
  • Allows various documents like various types of Purchase Orders, including 'Standing Orders' with delivery schedules.
  • Provides for marking of goods as requiring inspection or not and both receiving and inspection can be done in batches.
  • An item can belong to more than one store.
  • Provision of assigning BIN numbers for ease of storage and retrieval.
  • Facility to assign Generic Codes for items, which can be used as substituted for items out of stock.
  • Valuation of all items are done on the basis of FIFO (First In, First Out).

InnMat can be customized to speak the language of your store and business as it has predefined settings.

The main functions of Purchase, Receiving and Store are taken care of in the following sub-modules :

  • Department Requisition
  • Issue
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Materials Receiving Note (MRN)
  • Stores Receiving Confirmation (SRC)
  • Physical Stock
  • Budgets
  • Reports

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