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InnControl takes care of complete Food and Beverage Control from cost of ingredients to total consumption. It fully integrates with InnMat - Materials Management and InnTap - Point of Sale System; thus generating seamless flow of data for accurate controls.

Some Salient Features :

  • Maintain the full recipe of each and every dish on your menus
  • Give actual and standard cost of ingredients while entering recipes and get the recipe cost
  • What if analysis on recipe costing
  • Shift -wise liquor analysis
  • Bifurcation of cost on the basis of Food and Beverage
  • Keep track other Food and Beverage consumption; e.g. Staff meals, Banquets
  • Integrates with InnMat - Materials Management Systems for item cost
  • Integrates with InnTap - Point of Sale, for consumption of recipe
  • Interfaces with any other point of sale and materials management systems, if protocols are available

Some of the reports that InnControl provides :

  • Bifurcated Food Cost Report
  • Standard vs. Actual Cost Analysis
  • Sales vs. Standard Cost Analysis
  • Shift-wise Bar Card
  • Recipe-wise Item Report
  • Item-wise Report
  • Spoilage

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